Monday, June 14, 2010

Bots Design

Design fighting robots or mechas that can fight against each other. This is a very fun assignment. Most of us who grew up watching MazingerZ, Macross, Gundam and etc will love this. For my assignment, the background story for it is that in the future, human has the technology to build giant robots and they are still irresponsible in the handling earth's resource so much so that the Mother Earth, Gaia, decided to rid human off the surface of the planet. With this, she uses natural elements to create Sentinels. Basically the Sentinels are giant robots as well but uses natural elements like rocks and stuffs. But nature has a irony sense of human that is to use the human's own technology to fight human. Thus in my design, the Sentinels will have mechanical parts. I starts off with plain silhouettes and also quick but loose line thumbnail sketches. Kinda juggle between these two methods to see what I can come up with.

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RayToh said...

Dude! Looks cool sia! Nice!