Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project Icarus

Project Icarus is my personal project since I am told not to do too much sci-fi stuffs. Being a sci-fi fan, I need an outlet. Icarus is going to be an on-going project even after I graduate from FZD. This name is based off a mythology figure, the son of Daedalus who uses technology to escape. He made a pair of wings using feathers and wax. He gave specific orders to his son not to fly too close to the sun. But his son got carried away. The wings lose the wax to hold the feathers, thus, Icarus plunged into the sea. So my concept revolves around high tech stuffs in the future and definitely going to have tons of 'mishaps' from over reliance of technologies.

Work done from time to time. Time spend ranged from 4 hrs to a day.

Portfolio Website

Portfolio website is up! Can take a look at my works there and I welcome all critics. Some quick paintings that I did from time to time. Try to keep it within 4 hours.

Most of these paintings I painted with an objective in my mind and most of the time I am pretty sure where they will fit in into my school projects.

Grad Show!

My batch's grad show is held together with our juniors from the 3rd batch. Gonna be held at FZD School of Design (200 Middle Rd, Prime Center, #16-01, Singapore) on the 12th and 13th of Nov 2010. Also to mention, my class blog is up with the help from our mentor Kingston. You can visit and take a look at our work there. FZD02

Did the banner for the class blog. Its been a year and it feels like a decade. Purposely choose band of brothers for the theme because I feel my class is really close to one another. 7 of us, went through all the hardships. Could be because I just watched cool films like Pacific and Band of Brothers. :/

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bots Design

Design fighting robots or mechas that can fight against each other. This is a very fun assignment. Most of us who grew up watching MazingerZ, Macross, Gundam and etc will love this. For my assignment, the background story for it is that in the future, human has the technology to build giant robots and they are still irresponsible in the handling earth's resource so much so that the Mother Earth, Gaia, decided to rid human off the surface of the planet. With this, she uses natural elements to create Sentinels. Basically the Sentinels are giant robots as well but uses natural elements like rocks and stuffs. But nature has a irony sense of human that is to use the human's own technology to fight human. Thus in my design, the Sentinels will have mechanical parts. I starts off with plain silhouettes and also quick but loose line thumbnail sketches. Kinda juggle between these two methods to see what I can come up with.


Throughout the course, Feng shared quite a bit of painting techniques with us. Also some quick way of applying colors or getting color palettes. 2nd paintings are done with greyscales already established then overlay with colors.

More Sketchings

Some sketches that I did during my term 2. In the term 2, all our drawings are to be done digitally. The straight lines (except for vertical and horizontal) have to be done free hand. No holding shift and anything else. I can only show what was done before week 5. All the sketches I did for the modules are for a commercial project. Thus, can't be shown here. The first image has to be done within 6 to 7 hours. Pretty rushy but the quality wise, I quite ok with it.


I swear I did this before the iPad is out. Its a design assignment that requires us to design either a PC Tower (or something related) or Game Console. I went through a lot of the design process but decided that, they are not what I will want. Being a designer, my idea pops up at moments you least expected. It could be while you are on your way to work. Thus I designed this portable PC device, "Sketchbook". Well, the level of technology is somewhere 5 to 10 years down the road. Some of the technology is already available and some are just waiting for miniaturizing. Since I posted this up so late, you can say its has the same function as an iPad but with the added function of the Wacom tablet.


I believe one of the reasons why many artists avoid drawing environments and especially those with a lot of hard lines is perspective. Actually, perspective are not hard as long as you understand the fundamentals. What hurts me the most is committing tangent errors. Two lines or angles overlapping each others which creates a weird visual illusion. Feng's suggestion to these is to use a bit of 'artist's license'.

Near the end of my term 1, I am task to use Chinatown reference to create a Chinatown scene applying all the knowledge I got from the perspective lessons. Being a sci-fi geek, I love to add a bit (or more) of sci-fi to it.

Value Practice

In FZD School of Design, we are trained to paint quick and accurate. Here are some of the in class exercises to train us to see value. Color is always secondary.

Chrome balls studies and painting objects with irregular shapes or metals with irregular specular surfaces.

Greyscale studies of films. A great way to study composition in a movie frame. Later on, we are required to paint each frame within 15mins using the movie frame but adding our own elements into it. Its fun!

Sketch Blog

Finally set my personal design/sketch blog up. I have always wanted to set one up but time is definitely not on my side. Since its my term break before my term 3 starts, this is a perfect chance for me to set it up. I have replace my original portfolio website which was all outdated works with this blog. So keep a look out for my new stuffs here.